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How likely is a hair follicle test in a custody dispute?

Tampa, FL |

I was prescribed anxiety meds last in late December . I have since tried to get into a proper psychiatrist , but the process is very long and the one I just saw this month I found out isn't even capable of writing it . I have consistent panic attacks , and some left over meds , but am not likely to be able to get properly prescribed again for a couple months . I am not terribly worried about a urine test , but a hair follicle test done at the right time could present overlap issues . Is it likely that I would be hair follicle tested ? I have no history of drug use . The other party is trying to throw anything they can at me to be difficult . Considering I have been prescribed it recently , is overlap even a real issue ?

I have an attorney helping me, and she doesn't seem to know the answers to everything, like completely not knowing what right of first refusal is in a Family Law case. I don't trust her completely. I can't afford a lawyer at $250 an hour, and there is no sliding scale legal advice in Tampa. Thanks for just advertising for yourself guys.

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This is much too important a question to rely upon online information! You should have a confidential consultation with a local attorney who can give you specific legal advise after considering all the relevant facts and circumstances of your case. Good luck!

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As I just added in the additional information, I am super low income, and there is no legal help for low income in Tampa. I have been getting advice from an attorney, but the information is shaky at best since she doesn't seem to know as much as she should. Peace of mind is what I'd like here, thanks though.


Call an attorney immediately to discuss this issue.



That would be great if I could afford $250 an hour, or if any of the attorneys I have spoken to in person said the same thing about anything in the first place.


if one party files a motion for a hair follicle test then the court could order both parties to submit to the testing. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659

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