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How is it possible for a law in one state to impact the formation of businesses located in all of the other states?

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How is it possible for a law in one state to impact the formation of businesses located in all of the other states?

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Is this some kind of trivia question or is there a real legal or business issue you would like the education information from this site about?
Look up: Interstate Commerce

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As a practical matter, each state regulates there own corporations. There may b products manufactured, to be sold interstate rewriting adherence in the state of manufacturer for sale in the state Herr through particular regulation applies.


Generally, the incorporation laws of the state in which the business is incorporated govern the formation of the business. However, every state in which the company conducts its business has an impact on the company, as the company is required to comply with the laws of each state in which it conducts business. I recommend that you talk to a good corporate/business lawyer about your specific circumstance.

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