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How is internet fraud or whatever defined? Is obtaining personal information than using it in any way a crime?

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This is my situation. I am the lady recovering from breast cancer/ with MS who has been harrassed, threatened, lied on and had my personal information obtained via the internet and then used to try and have me arrested and lose my disability. My question is isn't that a crime and what would it be called? Can I bring criminal charges against her? And part 2 of the same problem she also tried to have me evicted by filing fraudulent claims with the complex who without verifying any of the claims to be a fact and were in the process of evicting me. Do I not also have a claim against the complex? And what type of claim? In process of suing neighbor plus whatever other things you can tell me. Thanks Samantha

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If you think you're a victim of ID theft, you should first contact your local police department and file a police report. They will be in the best position to go over the facts with you and will decide if criminal charges will be pursued.

With respect to your landlord, much more information is needed here. I would suggest you contact an consumer advocate in your area who is seasoned in fair housing and landlord-tenant issues. Go to, which has an attorney search feature, to find an advocate in your area. Many attorneys will undertake an initial review of your matter without cost of obligation. He/she will be in the best position to give you information about your legal options.

All the best to you with your issue, and your health issues.

NOTE: This Answer does not constitute legal advice. Every case is fact specific. To render a legal opinion, an attorney must engage in a consultation with a prospective client and review any pertinent documents. This communication does not create an attorney-client relationship with Attorney Amy L. Wells or WELLS LAW OFFICE, INC.


The other lawyer has given you good information. If you are not doing something illegal like working under the table then Social Security will not have any reason to investigate your situation.

This response is meant to be information only and should not be considered to be legal advice. This information is not meant and should not be construed to be the formation of an attorney client relationship. I practice Virginia Workers compensation law and Social Security Disability law.



Incompetent: and didn't either read the entire statement or perhaps couldn't comprehend what was said. Or maybe just to old.

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