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How is Grandparent Visitation Divided, when both parents don't want grandparent to have their time?

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The Father and I have agreed in our mediation of a great visitation schedule, his mother is now requesting visitation for her. How is visitation divided between the 3 of us? Will they take time away from me to give to her or will they take time away from him (since it’s his mother) to give to her? Neither of us want to lose our time we have scheduled with our kids, what we worked out in our mediation works for us. We have a mediation date set, what should I expect?

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If neither parent wants to permit the grandparent visitation, unless and until the grandparent files a formal request with he court, the grandparent has NO visitation rights. If he wants to let his Mom see the kids during HIS time, that's between him and his mom; if you want Grandma to see the kids during YOUR time, that's between her and YOU; but if she wants time that neither of you wants to give her, she's probably out of luck.


Exactly as stated by Attorney Richard Forrest Gould-Saltman

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