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How is alimony works? I'm working 2 jobs and my husband earning isn't much, can he ask for alimony fr. me if i file divorce

New London, CT |

i not interested of any child support from him, all i need is to have my own life with my son who is not under 15.

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Alimony is based upon 14 factors by statute, but income is a key one. All income is considered, but that doesnt mean you pay alimony. Alimony is not only a fact specific item, but it is also a judge specific item. A judge is given great lattitude in making alimony orders so it is best to have experienced local counsel to advise you on the usual tendencies of your local judge. I suggest you have aconsult with local counsel immediately to discuss your position. Child support is mandatory under our child support guidelines which use up to 45 hours per week of each party's income. There are deviation criteria as well.

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Attorney Norris above is correct; if you are working over 40 hours a week, though, the judge should give you credit for it and should not hold you with an obligation to pay an amount that is based on say 60 or 70 hours worked per week.

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