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How is a citizen who does not work for any company be protected as a whistle blower

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I became an unwitting whistle blower against a group of people mismanaging federal funds when I filed a discrimination complaint. The perpetrators has a history of mismanaging federal and state funds over a period of years. There seems to be no oversight with these people. In the past several of these people have been exposed of using state and federal funds for their personal gain. I have been retaliated against for my complaint. Who can I turn to for help and how can I be cleared of any wrong doing. These people lied and said it was me who stole federal funds. I have information that will support what I'm saying.

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What do you need protection from? Typically whistleblowers are protected in limited circumstances from termination or other negative employment actions. But, if you aren't employed at the offending entity, you don't need that kind of protection. So what kind of retaliation are you concerned about? You cannot get insulation or protection from being accused of a crime. That is not a protection that is available on a pre-emptive basis to anyone -- for obvious reasons.

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services....I have been blackballed in receiving the service that I was denied when I voiced a complaint. I was denied certain things but was informed that it was not available or was used. I was entitled to same federal services of others in the same predicament. The perpetrators have caused a lot of grief and attempted to covver their misdeeds by destroying documents...some of which I have.

Brian Heath Crockett

Brian Heath Crockett


Sorry for the delay in commenting. You may have a potential case to file suit as a whistle blower. More information is needed. If you would like to discuss please give me a call.

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