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How is a bond amount determined?

Tampa, FL |

why is it that some bonds are higher than others even if it is for the same charge and what determines the amount of that bond? Is there an amount for each charge set by law?

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The bond is determined shortly after the defendant is in custody, in determining the bond amount the court may consider "the nature and circumstances of the offense charged and the penalty provided by law; the weight of the evidence against the defendant; the defendant’s family ties, length of residence in the community, employment history, financial resources, need for substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment, and mental condition; the defendant’s past and present conduct, including any record of convictions, previous flight to avoid prosecution, or failure to appear at court proceedings; the nature and probability of danger that the defendant’s release poses to the community; the source of funds used to post bail," etc. (see Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure - 3.131(b)(3)). The bond amount that is set by the arresting agency is normally in made in accordance with local administrative orders (set by Judges) that establish a Uniform Bond Schedule. However, a defense attorney can appear at the bond hearing and request a reduction or ROR release. answers provided solely for informational purposes. Answers are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, contact a competent attorney in your local jurisdiction. Learn more about my practice at