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How I can get documentation showing an employer lied during an Unemployment Appeal into a Commission Appeal?

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I had an unemployment appeal today for a job that I quit due to a hostile work environment. It was a situation that came about suddenly and involved both of my managers and my HR representative. One of the questions at hand was whether the employer addressed my concerns once I reported a hostile work environment. The HR rep, who was emailed about my resignation immediately and presided over my Exit Meeting the same day that I resigned, claimed in the appeal hearing that she was not present at that meeting. I have her signature on my Exit paperwork and she did nothing to find out why I felt that I was in a hostile work environment but because she lied during her testimony, I lost my appeal. I plan on appealing to the Commission but I wanted an attorney’s perspective. Thanks!

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My suggestions is that you include the exit paperwork with the HR representative's signature as an exhibit in your appeal. You should state that this is new evidence of untruthfulness that was not considered by the hearing officer. You should also emphasize that you were forced out due to a hostile environment and give specifics of how they were hostile to you and forced you out and that you did not quit. It may also be good for an attorney to review your appeal before you file it.
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Have you filed a charge of discrimination?



No I haven't. Why?

Adam Kielich

Adam Kielich


If you suffered in a hostile work environment that was hostile on the basis of a protected status (race, age, sex, national origin, religion, disability) then you may also have discrimination claims against the employer. That may be another avenue to seek compensation from the employer.



Thanks, but unfortunately that is not the case.

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