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How far in advance does an employer have to post a schedule for at will employees who are seasonal or part time?

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Often times the schedule for a week (Monday through Sunday) is not put up till the Sunday prior to it an hour before the store closes.

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Unless there are contracts with individual employees or a union agreement which addresses this issue, there is no legal requirement of a minimal time for the employer's posting of the work the schedule. The law does not control all ineffective or inefficient conduct.

California is an at will employment state, which means that either the employer or the employee is free to end the employment relationship at any time for any reason. (Exceptions where there is a union agreement or employment contracts.) Theoretically, the law presumes that inefficient management practices will cause loss of good employees and that management will therefore be forced by this economic disincentive to adopt better practices. Of course, specific economic conditions can distort the effectiveness of the bi-lateral at will doctrine.

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If you are a seasonal or part-time employee in the retail business you already know your role is to fill in or add extra help to the regular staff based on the employer,s needs. Such needs in retail can change often and quickly depending on many factors and the employers will often adjust schedules accordingly with little or no notice. There is nothing unlawful about that.

If you have special needs or limitations, such as religious observance, physical handicap or something else, you can request the employer's accommodation but there is no guarantee they must do so if, by doing so, it would cause undue harm to the employer.

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Before the scheduled shift starts which is to say that there is no legal requirement.

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