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How far back do apartments look on background checks?

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my grandmother was receiving state assistance due to an injury. it was christmas time andneeded extra money for kids she got the resturant she had worked at to let her sit in a chair and work the register because she was in a body cast. she did file taxes on it later, but she was paid cash at the time. when she filed taxes and reported the earned money she was arrested. she spent one night in jail and was out the next morning. she has paid all fines, all of the money back, and she pled no contest to it in court. this happened in oregon back in 1981. i am now trying to get her to texas due to health issues, she is in her 70's now. she was denied a handi capped apartment due to this. it was marked as a felony. i am very worried that i will not be able to find her any place to live due to thi

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Background checks serve many purposes. One is the criminal history, about which you write. Another purpose is to see if the prospective tenant pays his or her rent and other financial obligations. One way to provide extra security for the rent obligation is for you to co-sign the lease or to guarantee the lease (if all else fails -- agreeing to co-sign or guarantee is not good for you, and may negatively affect your credit availability).

An apartment complex is supposed to list the selection criteria for prospective tenants, which can include criminal history. See Texas Property Code section 92.3515, which you may review at the following web address:

Considering her health issues, a landlord may not give much consideration to 20 year old criminal matters. But, do not falsify the application, as that alone is grounds for rejection or a later eviction. You may wish to take a personal role in the application process to paint your grandmother's situation in the best and most sympathetic light, which will probably give her a much better chance of securing an apartment.

Good luck.

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