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How far back can my ex-wife sue me for reimbursed medical expenses? (Texas)

Huntsville, TX |

Is there a time limit to 'collect' on unreimbursed medical expenses? I've received an order to appear. The expenses, that were already paid, date back to 2000, with the lowest amount being $3.51. I'm charged with 180 counts of contempt of court for failure to pay, with most being $10.00.

I can easily approve overpayment of Childsupport for such expenses since 2001. But it will cost for the bank records and such. Will I be able to recover my expenses (including legal) once I show proof?

She knows the extra money sent was to cover misc medical expense and such. While I'm sure a refund of overpayment is out of the question, can she be charged with perjury as she swore the amount were not paid?

Thank you for reading.

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Whether there is a limit or not depends on your order. If it says there is, there is. If it is silent, then there is no limit at least while the child is under 18.

If you can prove overpayment you should be fine. Whether you can collect your expenses or not is up to the judge, but you had better have a document on file requesting reimbursement of those fees. I suggest you contact an attorney and have them help you. They can request that she pay your attorney fees as well.

Good luck.

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