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How far back can a employer go on a criminal background check in Pennsylvania

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I was criminally convicted of felonies in 1998 how far back can Pennsylvania employer go back on a background check

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The employer can look at whatever is public record. Whether they decline to hire you based on a conviction depends on the position you applied for your record.

I represent men and women in employment matters and for record expungements and pardons. A Felony conviction is PA must be pardoned before it can be expunged.

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If you were convicted of Pennsylvania felonies, your employer will be able to see it. They cannot be expunged by a court under current Pennsylvania law. Your only avenue of relief at this point is to file for a pardon with the Governor's office. That can take quite some time and has no guarantee of success.

However, if you were convicted in another state, then there may be expungement remedies available.

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