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How easy will it be to get a statutory rape charged dismissed of lowered?

Oklahoma City, OK |

Im 18 and the (alleged victim is) 16 now but we had sex 4 months before she turned 16, anyways long story short her parents found out and pressed charges on me i got charged with statutory rape (2nd degree rape), I love this girl and she loves me too and shes all on my side and shes going to my preliminary hearing to testify and help me and for the d.a. judge. get a better understanding of all that went on, they have text messages of us being sexual ect when she was around 15 and us having sex, my question is when she testifys would it be better to say we did not engage in sex till after she was 16, or for her to say it could have been 15 and a half or she could have been 16 that she really didnt rember. would the case likely get dropped or lowerd enough to a ple bargain for tresspassing?

or also if she refuses to testify since my lawyer has issued a subpoena for her to testify, I have heard of cases being dropped because the victim refused to testify, plz dont say talk to your lawyer about this, because there is a no-contact order against us and I dont want my lawyer to know she has came to my work and talked to me to help the situation for court. Thanks

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First of all if you have a no contact order you should obey it. You can get into a lot of trouble disobeying court orders. Secondly, it sounds as if you are discussing changing her testimony or telling untrue things in order to make you look better. That is a separate crime and you should not do it. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble by going around your lawyer I'm trying to handle things this way. Trespassing? Is that some sort of a bad joke?



bad joke? um no, i snuck in her bedroom at her dads house, ive seen cases like this plea bargain into a tresspasing, because the d.a. had little evidence or didnt want to go to trail