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How DUI effects green card process???

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How DUI effects green card process??? What are options so it does not effect green card process???

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A DUI conviction will not impede obtaining a green card, nor will any probationary period you might have. Be careful, however, not to have more than 2 of those, lest you could be considered a "habitual drunkard" and be found inadmissible as such.

Make sure you take care of the DUI, i.e. pay the fine, attend the classes, and don't drive under the influence of alcohol again.

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Since a DUI is not a crime of moral turpitude, it will not affect your application for a green card.

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A DUI in most situations is not a crime that will impact an application for residence.


It depends on your other criminal history. A first time DUI generally does not have a dramatic impact. However, if you have additional criminal history, it can be used against you in the exercise of discretion. Charlotte CIS is notorious for just referring people to the immigration court for multiple criminal issues that are not legal bars. I highly recommend you retain counsel to prepare, file and attend any interviews with you.