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How does the Pretrial Diversion program for a charged DWI work in Bell County, in a general sense?

Temple, TX |

I have no priors, am an undergrad about to graduate, and in the mental health docket. I was given the option of pretrial diversion, which to my understanding is new in the county. I was arrested in December for Xanax misuse. However, I have shown many changes, and it was the county attorney who recommended it, not the prosecutor. On the 22nd of May, I meet with a counselor who will determine my eligibility. However, my questions are as follows:
1. Do I self-incriminate on information they do not know? Ie. my blood results have not come back
2. How long does one have to stay in the program? Is it a year, 6 months, etc?
3. After this, how long before I can have it expunged from my record? I understand two years per Texas Penal Code but know it differs by county.

Thank you!

I was on the mental health docket, was a volunteer for MADD in fall and intern in the Spring, and am an undergrad graduating in May but staying for another year in undergrad to get this sorted out. I wish to pursue counseling, which requires practicum/internship, so once dismissed I am okay as a volunteer or intern after 1 year, but jobs would take expungement. Which is why I ask, in a general sense, what is the longevity of pre-trial diversion? I know each is different but any guestimate? I was also prescribed Xanax though I switched to a different benzo that is less addictive to show the court my willingness. Will NEVER happen again. Life lesson learned, bittersweet.

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Pretrial diversion programs are different in every county. I recommend you contact a lawyer in Bell County to answer your questions.



Thank you sir!! I do, but they just tell me it is all up to the counselor, who then submits it to the judge I think. Lawyer said it could be one day, one year, who knows. Ehhhh I am just tired of being worried for 5 months. They are right when they say "DWI hangovers do not go away" even if I will never get convicted! This has taken one toll on me, for sure. :(


I agree with Mr. Green. Each county's diversion program is different. Since this is a new program, the rules may not be clear to a lot of people. I would contact a local attorney who has knowledge of the county's diversion program rules.


Steven is right, you should contact a local Bell County-located attorney and not one that practices around the state. The rules can be substantively different across county lines.

Best of luck

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