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How does the courts look at Grandparents adopting their grandchild?

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My grandchild is 16 months old. CPS gave us temporary custody of our grandchild and has been in our care for 14 of the 16 months she has been alive. My son has moved away and the mother has only seen her child twice in the last 7 months. Once on the childs birthday, the other to give us a notorized letter giving us temporary custody of her child. She is able to see her child any time she wants, it just has to be supervised. My wife and I also have a notorized letter from my son as well. Since we have had our grandchild, we have taken her off state assistance. Have not heard from CPS in 9 months. No court order was issued giving us temp custody. We just want to insure she has a stable home and environment to grow up in.

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It sounds like you just need to formalize your situation. Without a court order you have no legally enforceable rights (consent to medical treatment, enroll in school etc.) and the letters you referenced will only get you so far. At your grandbabies young age, it is likely not an issue yet, but it will be when school starts.

Give me a call or email me and we can set up an appointment to lay out a strategy about how to formalize and establish a legal relationship between you and the child.


David Eaker
Eaker Law Firm


Mr. Eaker is correct in that you would merely be formalizing the current situation. You need to make sure that it is done properly, and you probably want to go ahead and adopt the child. You could just change the conservatorship roles and insert yourselves as managing conservators, but one or the other needs to be done soon while everyone is still in agreement.

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