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How does someone in texas terminate parental rights to a child in kentucky?

Orange, TX |

mother will not let father have contact with child.

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Depending on how long the child has lived in Kentucky will depend on whether it is possible or not to file a termination suit in Texas. For a state to have jurisdiction the child must live there for 6 months prior to filing the suit, unless there is emergency jurisdiction issues. If the child has lived in Kentucky for 6 months, and Texas is claiming jurisdiction over the child, then that law suit needs to be dismissed. Particuliar pleadings will need to be filed to allow for the dismissal to occur.

Every answer I give is general. Each case and each fact situration is VERY unique. In order to fully evaluate your question and your case, I would need to meet with you and need to have a much greater understanding of your situation. I am not a pscychologist or counselor and I am not trained as one.

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