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How does someone decide how to select the best personal injury attorney when they've been hurt in a workplace accident?

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There are so many personal injury lawyers who advertise in the media. Do those advertisements make a difference or it is still based on getting a personal referral to an attorney?

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I would base your decision on three factors:
1) Look at the attorney's track record,
2) Most of my clients come from personal referrals from other satisfied clients, sort of an endorsement,
3) Meet with the lawyer and make a decision. Some attorneys have a large firm where they meet with you once and then hand your case off to an associate. If you are comfortable with that, go with a larger firm. Myself, I take on your case personally and litigate it myself. I think clients want a personal touch and usually prefer the smaller firms so they can actually get in contact with their attorney throughout the process.


Who Is The Best workplace Injury Or Car Accident Lawyer?
Many times when I am in social gatherings in Philadelphia many people will come up to me and ask my advice as to who is the best attorney to handle a workplace injury case, car accident case, or criminal case. Of course, there is no definitive or objective way for me to state who is the best and the same calls for a subjective viewpoint. But finding a good lawyer is like finding any good profession. It is always best to ask around. Ask a number of people you respect for their advice, as well as review the Internet and legal directories. If you have any friends who are recognized lawyers in their fields, ask them. I believe that a client should interview at least two or three lawyers prior to making a final determination of who is the best attorney to handle their claim.

Remember in a catastrophic injury case, many life changing events have occurred that will impact the person greatly and one of the most important decisions to be made is selecting a competent and experienced personal injury or car accident attorney. There are many valid Internet directories which review a lawyer’s skills and abilities, as well as their ethical standings. Some of these directories include but are not limited to,, and As the Internet has become more interactive, lawyers and law firms can provide detailed information to potential clients including non-biased reviews and ratings, as well as references. One should also check the Disciplinary Board of the state to make sure that the lawyer who they are interviewing is in good standing and has had no prior or current disciplinary issues.

When interviewing a lawyer, don’t be afraid to ask the attorney for a number of references and ask him if it would be all right if he will give his approval to contact those individuals. Many law firms have full time public relations machines turning out television commercials, blogs, and news releases and it is important not to believe everything you read in order to determine whether your lawyer is the best lawyer suited to handle your serious injury or car accident claim.

Each case is unique and should be approached according to its specific nature. Most experienced personal injury and car accident lawyers will be able to tell you how many cases they have handled similar to yours and reveal their verdicts or settlements. Unless, of course, if the same is confidential.

The best lawyers for handling a serious workplace, personal injury or car accident case should be willing to offer a no fee, no recovery guarantee and welcome the opportunity to have their work product reviewed by secondary counsel if a dispute or concern should arise. The best lawyer to handle your serious injury accident case should have a mature and experienced team of professionals to work with you and respond to phone calls and correspondence within a day after the call. The best lawyer to handle your case should be an experienced accident attorney who understands and empathizes that his or her client gets “one bite at the apple” and it better be a large bite. The best attorney in a car accident or injury case should possess unparalleled integrity and be committed to the aggressive prosecution of your claim and never, never, never, never give up.


I have always told clients, friends, family, etc., that it is important to hire a workers' compensation or personal injury attorney based on a referral. Advertising does not have anything to do with experience, skill and other factors that go into being able to present a case in court. If you know anyone in your area who has been pleased with the work done on their case, you might interview that attorney. More often, another attorney can do the best job suggesting a qualified attorney. Call one of us that has answered your question. If we are not able to help, we can make a strong referral using information available to us, usually through reputation.


There are several ways to find a work injury lawyer.

If you know someone that has had a good experience with a work injury lawyer, that is a good place to start.

You can also look at various websites from different law firms. I would suggest you look more closely at firms that focus on injury cases. Once you pick a couple you like, give them a call or set up an appointment. Most accident lawyers offer free, no obligation consultations.

Dave Abels


You're on the right track. Personal referrals are a great place to start. Also, do some research on your own, because the right attorney for your brother-in-law or neighbor may not be the right attorney for you. Some other suggestions: Find an attorney who focuses their practice on representing injured workers. In other words, you want an attorney who does workers' comp day in and day out. They're more likely to have the right experience to handle your case. Also, ask about their past success. A track record of satisfied clients is a good sign. If you need help getting started, give me a call. I'd be happy to recommend some attorneys, and answer any further questions you might have. 1-312-346-5320.

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