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How does return of a security deposit work in Wisconsin?

Fond Du Lac, WI |

I recently moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota and moved out early from previous apartment in Wisconsin. Two applications for apartments I applied for in Minnesota were denied due to errors from the Wisconsin apartment management company - plus, it has been over 21 days since I vacated the apartment and I have not received my security deposit. They did send a letter within 21 days notifying me that I owed a balance, also an error on their end which they acknowledged. As they made an error initially and further delayed the return of my deposit, am I still entitled to the initial 21 day window? Also, I was informed today they will not be sending until next week which means it will be even further over the 21 day window.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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If you breached the lease by moving out early, then the 21 day window begins when a new tenant moves into the premises. So, the landlord may still have the opportunity to return the security within 21 days.

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