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How does one go about requesting a paternity test for a 17 year old child?

Havelock, NC |

A woman is claiming that I am the father of her 17 year old daughter. Problem is, she wants nothing to be done other than me taking her word for it. How do I go about getting a DNA test to see if the daughter is in fact mine? Am I responsible for the payment of this test? Am I responsible for the past 17 years of child support? Does the daughter have any say in this?

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Unless she has properly filed and served a legal action on you to establish your paternity of this child, there is no reason to respond to her allegations or to take any steps regarding proving or disproving the claims she is making. If she has sued you over this, than you need to correctly respond to that suit. If the suit is proper, than you need to request that genetic test be performed and that initially she be liable to fund the same with you only being potentially liable for this cost if you are not excluded by the test [since she is making the allegation she should shoulder the initial burden of the testing] . Paternity suits are serious business and you should retain an attorney to properly guide you in the process. If you think an attorney is to expensive, then you need to balance that cost against the potential cost of support for a child that my not by yours. good luck.

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Ask her to supply swabs and take samples to a lab.. I am fairly certain she will refuse. If so and she files for child support, you can file for a DNA test to establish paternity or non-paternity. Contact a local family law attorney for details. Good Luck.

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