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How does one get a land deed out of deceased's name when estate wills to three parties, two of whom are deceased?

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Deed in John Smith's name. John Smith wills land to three parties. Of the three parties, two are deceased. Is the remaining party the sole heir or does the heirs of the other two parties entitled to proceeds from a possible sale?

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If there is a will it depends on what the will says about deceased beneficiaries. Look for the language "or their issue, per stirpes." if that is there it is a good indication that the children of the deceased beneficiary "step into" their parent's shoes. You should have this reviewed by an attorney.

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I agree with the prior answer. The Will should state who inherits if the designated beneficiaries predecease the testator. An attorney should review the Will for you.

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You definitely should consult with an attorney. The exact language of the will must be reviewed. Transfers at death have general rules found in Chapter 854 of the Wisconsin Statutes. This chapter can be obtained free on the web site of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

Section 854.06 Predeceased transferee should be read. At Subsection (3), the legislature discusses a substitute gift to issue of a covered transferee. Subsection 4 discusses contrary intent of the decedent. In other words, did the decedent intend the transfer to lapse if a relative dies first?

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