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How does one file a complaint regarding perjury?

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After my friend received a grossly unjustified restitution sentence, I discovered a great number of false statements in her discovery package that were cited by the judge in his opinion letter. When I brought these false statements to the attention of the prosecutor, he told me he could not investigate these false statements until after I had reported the crime to the police. I reported the acts of filing false statements with the police. After hearing nothing for two weeks, I went back to the police and was told that the prosecutor had told them not to investigate the false statements. Filing false statements to the police is a crime in Oregon.

Can a prosecutor ethically prevent the police from investigating a crime such as perjury that resulted in assisting the prosecutor?

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No private citizen can compel the state to prosecute anyone. Your friend's criminal defense attorney needs to be apprised of this evidence. It's too late to re-do the trial, but it may be possible for her to file for post-conviction relief. There are strict deadlines for this, so don't delay.

I always tell people, don't get too excited about 'lies.' It is rarely compelling to tell a court that other people lied. Courts hear that constantly. What you need to do is to present evidence of the truth.

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She has a PCR attorney now. I have reason to believe the DA knew that he was presenting false evidence to the court as he was doing it. Is this ethical? I understand I can't compel a prosecution but can the DA prevent the police from investigating a crime against a citizen? Is the DA liable for defamation if he makes a statement in a local newspaper that was completely untrue regarding the outcome of the trial? The DA protects himself against defamation by preventing that investigation.



I found Mr. Bodzin's reply to be unresponsive and therefor not helpful.