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How does homstead work and is it legal?

Chico, CA |

my friend has found a home that she says been vacant for many yrs. very odd was built in 2006. acacia rd. in oroville califoronia very nice home and neighborhoood. she has obtained information from online and moved in planned to pay the back taxes but today was kicked out by the town police..what can she do. what is her legal right?

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You left out a very important piece of information - whether your friend paid any money for the house.

Based on your question, it sounds like your friend found a vacant home, moved in without asking or telling anybody, and planned to pay the back taxes, expecting that she would then own the house. Maybe I've misread the question, but if not, your friend has no legal rights, as she would be considered a squatter or trespasser.

Feel free to add more information if the circumstances are different than I've interpreted your question, and maybe the answer will change.


It sounds like your friend was trying to acquire title to the house by "adverse possession". However, she had no legal right to be living in the house, so she could be lawfully kicked out as a trespasser or squatter. She has no legal right.

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She has no legal rights unless she purchased the property from the legal title holder.

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos


What you describe does not fall within the meaning of a "homestead" situation.

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