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How does getting a DUI out of state work?

Panama City Beach, FL |

I had ga license and got DUI in 2009, did everything asked and reinstated. Now have fl license and got DUI this past weekend in ga, will this count as 2nd DUI in 5 years still? Also I refused test, will fl suspend my license for refusing out of state test?

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You'll have to seek a Georgia attorney to ask that question as to what the statutory minimums are in Georgia. Just FYI if it were reversed and you got the 1st DUI in GA and the 2nd DUI in Florida, in Florida it would count as a 2nd within 5.


You need a GA DUI attorney to deal with the current case. Your prior DUI will almost certainly be used against you, but talk to the GA attorney. What happens with your license is complicated, and depends on a number of factors. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Timing will be important in this situation when it comes to the handling of your driver's license. Some states will wait until you're actually convicted of a crime before they take action on an out-of-state incident, but other states will act right away based on just the loss of license in the state of the offense. I agree with my colleagues, you definitely need to hire an experienced GA DUI attorney ASAP. Most states have mandatory minimum jail penalties for repeat offenses. Use this website to find some excellent DUI defense candidates in GA and make some calls to work on retaining one of them.

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