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How does Florida calculate back child support?

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My ex and I are returning to court next month in regards to back child support. I applied for child support to be garnished from his wages back in 2007. After the state of Florida verified that there was no existing child support in NY ordered. The process took a year from the date I filed. My ex tried to obtain custody of our daughter after the child support request thus delaying the child support order to 2008. My question is how does Florida calculate back child support? I've heard mix it goes back two years from the date filed. Or is it only from the date that I filed ?

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Your support order should state when the payments commenced. It would be calculated since that date. If there were payments before that, then the case file should state when the payments were deemed to have commenced. It varies by case, I've seen some cases where the husband was ordered to begin paying as soon as the wife left the house, I've seen other cases where the husband didn't have to start paying until months into the divorce case.

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