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How does deferred judification work?

Corpus Christi, TX |

I received a ticket for not signaling when turning. Someone told me that when you do deferred judification, you only pay court costs, not the actual cost of the ticket. Is this correct?

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Well, that is really a play on words. Because deferred adjudication is not a conviction they cannot give you a "fine". However, they can and do charge you a deferred fee that usually is the same or very similar in amount to the fine that would have been charged had you pled guilty and been convicted. With a class C moving violation, a deferred adjudication disposition means that a conviction does not go to Austin to be placed on your driving record.


You will pay court costs and whatever other fee they charge for the privilege of receiving a deferred. The good news is that you will not be convicted of the offense and it will not be reported to DPS.

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