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How does back pay on child support work? If I pay a few grand at a time, does she receive it as a lump sum?

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My child support was recently established and I owe about $3000 in back pay. I got notice that in addition to any payments I make towards it, they may also be taking my tax return, bonuses, ect. That is all fine but my question is, does my ex receive those payments in a lump sum? I am really just curious. Since CS has started I have noticed a lot of new clothes (for her) and new things around the house (not baby related) & take out/eating out every night. I know it may no be any of my business, but she doesn't work at all & I would like to make sure my money is actually going towards my child, not a new wardrobe & if she does get it in a lump sum I may try to make frequent small payments instead of large ones.

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You can try to file a motion to require her to do an accounting however those motions are rarely if ever granted. Contact my office for free consultation.


Accountings for child support use are very difficult to obtain. Particularly in situaitons where there's arrearages. The court will likely conclude that your ex has been using her own funds to provide for the child without your assistance so now that she's receiving it again there will not likely be any concern regarding her use of the funds.

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