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How does an OKC DUI/APC affect a California Driver's License? And how does OK's Interlock reqm't mesh w/ CA law?

Los Angeles, CA |

I hold a California driver's license and was arrested for APC in OKC. Requested a lawyer and arresting officer marked this as a breathalyzer refusal. Lost DPS hearing. Plead No Contest and received 6-mths probation. 6-mths now complete and case is officially Dismissed. It was a 1st offense.

In OKC, refusal requires 1.5 years interlock. Still not driving and avoiding interlock. What happens when I move back to California? Am I suspended there?

And if I move abroad or NY (where I won't need to drive) for work, what can I do about the 1.5 year interlock? Does it perpetually hang over my head (even after 3-4 or even 20 years)? I know about the "test" counties but this was out-of-state. At a loss...
Thank you. Appreciate your thoughts.

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The OK requirements may not be applicable in other States, but more than likely your new State will find out about it if you apply for a new license. The States share this type of information all the time. And if you apply for a California or NY license, you will probably need to make a disclosure about the OK arrest.
I suspect that Cal will not issue a license to you until your license issues in OK are resolved.
Call the DMV (anonymously) to find out for sure.

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