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How does an employer working remotely (outside the US) for a US employer get paid?

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Not an immigration law question.

Surely they must have devised a scheme for this scenario as well.. Have your employer talk his accountant and see what he/she says..

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Companies can hire foreign workers in other countries. It is called outsourcing.

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I agree with my colleagues.


Our firm helps often helps businesses with this question.

First, we will need to know which country.

Then, we need to know the duration and type of work will you be doing.

We will also need to know your residence or immigration stays in the country you will be working.

After all that, we setup a foreign payroll, cover all immigration and tax issues, and reduce employment law risks. As the employee, you would likely benefit from individual income tax help as well.

Hope this was helpful. We would be glad to discuss further with you and your employer!

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