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How does a restraining order affect a persons life?

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If a person keeps fighting the renewal of a restraining order and who is doing all that is asked by following the laws and the judge never gives that person a break. How can the restraining order affect the person and the persons future? Is there a specific law that says people with restraining orders can't do certain things. And does anyone know if there is an actual law that doesn't honor people with a restraining order to work for them?

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Generally, the restraining order will affect your life in the way that the order is worded. If you are ordered no-contact with a certain individual, that is how your life will be affected. The same is true if you are ordered to cease undertaking any other activity.

The "long-term" impact of being subject to a TRO is that you are a party to a lawsuit that is a public record (unless those records are sealed). Some employers do ask that you identify all lawsuits you have been involved in; others do not. If you are asked whether you have been involved in a lawsuit, have had a claim brought against you, or are subject to a restraining order, you will have to answer yes.

My suggestion is that you do your best to move on from this. Avoid doing whatever you are restrained from doing, and eventually, this will be in your past. Focus on the future and accomplishing whatever future goals you have set for yourself. Best of luck to you.

Please note - I am providing you with general comments, not legal advice. Nothing in this answer creates an attorney-client relationship nor constitutes legal advice, as I do not know the facts of your case well enough to be able to guide you, nor am I making any promises about the outcome of your case, or any guarantees about my capabilities, skill level, or predicted success. If you would like to retain me to provide you with legal advice, please contact me and we can discuss the engagement.


A restraining order also prohibits you from possessing any firearm, ammunition, or ammunition feeding device (like a magazine). That means no touching ever, no hunting, no shooting range, no nothing. Do not say here whether you do or do not possess any of those items currently. If you do you should contact an attorney familiar with firearm laws (like myself) to discuss how you should dispose of them.

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If you are the restrained person in the restraining order, the order itself prohibits you from doing certain things. It usually prohibits you from contacting the protected party. It prohibits you from annoying, harassing, or threatening that person. It may order you to stay away from them, their work and their vehicle.

A restraining order is a public record and if someone were to look they could find out about a restraining order. Some employers ask about it in employment applications.

As a restrained party of a restraining order it is illegal for you to own or possess a firearm or ammunition and other weapons for 10 years. If you have any prohibited weapon you will have to transfer ownership or sell it to a licensed gun dealer. This weapons prohibition lasts for 10 years, longer than the restraining order itself.

Sean Anthony Brady

Sean Anthony Brady


Mr. Pearlman, I believe the firearm restriction only lasts for the duration of the restraining order, not a set 10 years. If you have a citation saying something to the contrary I would like to see it. Also, the person should have an attorney handle disposal of firearms once the order is put in place, because if they go to sell it to a dealer they are violating the law by possessing the firearms.

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