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How does a CA dui affect my AZ license and driving privileges?

Tempe, AZ |

I was arrested in CA in August for DUI. I was pulled over for tinted windows and no front plate (both legal in AZ, legal tint and front plate is not required in AZ). My B.A.C was .09 and I was booked for about 5 hrs. I hired a CA attorney but they don't know AZ law and could not answer my question. I have not yet been convicted since my hearing is next week. If convicted I was just curious what AZ consequences would be. Also, if dropped to a wet reckless in CA, how would that affect me in AZ since I do not believe they allow a wet-reckless charge in AZ.

Do to the interstate agreement between CA and AZ, could AZ reciprocate the consequences such as suspending my AZ license? By the way, this occurred in Pasadena, CA.

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California DMV cannot restrict the driving privildeges that you have with your Arizona license EXCEPT within the state of California. So, assuming you retain your valid Arizona license, if you do get suspended or restricted by the California DMV, once you cross the state line and leave California, you have no limitations, except those that Arizona may have imposed (need glasses, etc.)
Also, the attorney that you hired sounds like they don't know what they are doing as this is a very basic question that they should be able to answer. Hopefully they won't "screw up" your DUI case as based on the limited info you posted here it sounds like the DUI charges should get dismissed. Might want to talk with a more experienced DUI attorney here in San Diego that knows what he's doing before you end up with a punishment or plea that you should not end up with.

William Daley (619) 238-1905 /



Thanks for the advice! I have not personally spoken to my lawyer, just his assistant. I was told I would be represented by one of their attorney's but was not given a specific name. I was referred by a friend of mine who is an LAPD officer and was told he was a great lawyer. I know I'm no expert but this whole situation is very stressful as it has a huge imapct on my life. I am hoping they are as great as they sound and this gets resolved the best way possible.


Whatever the results are in your CA case would pass to AZ through the Interstate Compact Act. Speak with an AZ DUI attorney how any conviction would impact your AZ license.



Mr. Roberts is correct the interstate compact act will amount to passing the CA. info to Arizona. An Arizona attorney is better equipped to answer that states laws pertaining to getting your AZ license.

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