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How does a body attachment work?

Peru, IN |

i went to a music center to get my son a drum for band, after 1 month he was bored and out of stupidity it took me 6mts to return the drum that he only used for 1 mth. i did return it though, and now he keeps taking me to court for the money i owe for the 6mths it sat here, i didnt think it was a big deal to skip court, i figured he would get a default judgment and that would be that, but i got a paper in the mail saying a body attachment was issued and same is made returnable forewith. bond of 250 cash and attachment to expire in 180 days. i have 3 young kids to take care of, will they come to my house and take me in over a body attachment? or will they get me if i get pulled over for something? and if it expires in 180 days, is it all over then? i havent been in trouble before, im scared

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Yes, because you stiffed the guy on your rental and for six months kept him from re-renting it and because you ignored the authority of the court to appear as required, now the police can come to your house and take you in over to court as a valid body attachment.

You were very wrong in 1) stiffing the guy out of a drum rental, 2) keeping his musical instrument and doing it for six months thus stiffing him from at least one if not more other drum rentals with that drum 3) not paying what you owed, 4) not going to court and most importantly 5) not thinking "it was a big deal". That kind of arrogance you'd better leave at the door when the police pick you up and when you appear before the judge.

Past conduct is no defense to this mess you've created.

Yes, the attachment can be enforced on the street, in your house, in your car during another valid traffic stop etc....

If not done in 180 days, the defendant can request an additional body attachment then the fines and bonds can be double or triple (depending on the mood of the judge).

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