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How do you win a supermarket slip and fall, AGAINST king kullen

Farmingville, NY |

King Kullen, Hampton Bays..I fell on wet leaves, accross the complete supermaket. I had and have a concussion. king Kullen could careless.. Sue us you won't win

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You need to stop speaking with king kullen and start speaking with a local and qualified personal injury attorney. There are several in Suffolk that are A+ that I know. That said, your question does imply you've spoken with several. Unfortunately, legal notice is very difficult to prove. Try speaking with another attorney. Good luck.

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It sounds as though you have already given a statement, which they will certainly use against you. You need to contact an attorney immediately to discuss the merits of a potential case.

There are two questions that must be answered: (1) whether king kullen is legally liable for allowing the leaves to exist in their store and (2) the nature of ur injuries/damages. A concussion is a potentially serious injury butt if your follow up treatment is limited, these type of injuries are difficult to prove.

Bottom line - call a local personal injury attorney for a free consult. Many offices, including mine, offer free consultations. Good luck!

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Leaves on the floor in the autumn present a known entity. But, to the extent it can be proven that they create a known slipping hazard, and that store owners or operators were on notice, then this is a start to a negligence claim. Slip and fall cases are not the 'open and shut' case many people think they are. Owners of premises often could care less: if you fail to retain an experienced attorney showing you take your case seriously, why should they?

Here is more on 'Slip and Fall Liability' [Blue Link Below]

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First of all, you won't be suing King Kullen, but you will also be suing the Landlord that owns the parking lot. Presumably you have photos of the condition of the parking lot. In order to prevail on a slip and fall case, you need to show that the condition existed for such a period, that the LL had notice and had ample opportunity to remedy it. This is difficult with leaves, since unlike ice, they are not perceived to be dangerous to walk on. If it was raining or snowing at the time, or if the rain had just stopped, your chances of winning are really slim. More facts are necessary to know if any lawyer has a chance of winning, and then if that lawyer will take the case for a concussion.

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