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How do you stop your ex from telling the children about his being put in jail and about the divorce case:

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My ex has told my children that I lie to them and that I put him in jail (he violated my order of protection and was arrested) How do I put a stop to this, it is hurting them and making them question their family. When they are with me I do not talk about our divorce case as I understand they need protection and they need to be children, I love them and want to protect them from his anger. Should I go to family court and ask for relief there even though my case is pending in IDV. Is this enough to ask for supervised visitation? There have been many instances of my ex telling the children inappropriate things regarding our case. He is unable to separate his anger from his parenting.

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You are really not asking a legal question, but a parenting/therapist question. Your children should not have to hear lies about you from their father. They are entitled to learn the truth. How best to tell them the truth is something to be discussed with a therapist, not a lawyer online or in person.

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You can't. But that kind of thing can affect custody and visitation determinations.

However: telling them that you want to protect them from him is also a potential negative...

You should consult with a family law attorney about your situation, and be very careful as to what *you* say to the children.

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