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How do you legally sell services to government

Santa Fe, TX |

I have an idea for a business that I have a passion for and it could benefit low income people and I was wonder how could I go about selling my services to government agencies?

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This is not a question that can be answered in a paragraph or two. Go to a library and get books and government contracts so you have an overview of the process. Here is one of dozens of books Then hire an attorney to advise you on entity selection and risk management to comply with the copious rules. Good luck with you venture!

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There is a lot you need to do: Central Contractor Registration, possibly GSA schedules, 8(a) status (if you are a small business).

The easiest way to handle this would be to hire an attorney who deals with government contracts who can help guide you through the process. Government contracts are unique and everything must be in order before they will do business with you.

Licensed in MD, PA and DC. This is not legal advice. I am not your attorney. You should consult with an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction regarding your specific circumstances.


In order to conduct business with the Federal Government you must win a contract. Depending on the Agency, you can learn a great deal by attending one of their major conferences. As a small business, you can do this fairly cheaply. If you qualify as a disadvantaged business (8(a)), Service Disabled Veteran, Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned, or HUBZone firm you can obtain set aside contracts either as sole sourced to your company individually or a competitive among other companies with the same classification. They even compete small business set aside contracts among small businesses. Go to and research a little. Attend a few conferences. The process seems daunting but a little education will save you a great deal of expense. If you do not qualify as anything but a small business, you can still take advantage of the statuses above by finding a firm with status that complements your capabilities and either teaming or joint venturing with them. Teaming can be either in the form of a simple prime subcontractor arrangement or a more formal teaming agreement. Good luck.

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