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How do you know when a DA has crossed over beyond the legal lines and made charging someone a personal issue?

Prairie Du Chien, WI |

I was the victim of a severe domestic abuse and the DA was aware that the criminal had commited previous crimes but would not charge the criminal and continued to charge the victim with disorderly conduct and obstruction. The victim was a pilar of society and never been in trouble and was charged by the DA over a period of 2 years while with the abusive con artist (the DA had proof of the previous crimes by the criminal) to date 10 years later the DA continues to slander and call the victim a perjuror. Which the victim had never been or ever charged with that crime and the victim has never had any problems with the law. Has the DA made this a personal issue? By the way the criminal commited the crimes in a different county and was charged and convicted for 10 years in prison.

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I understand that you are upset with the DA, but what makes you think that this is a personal issue for the DA? Can you provide some more detail?

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