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How do you know if your trespassing if you have not been served with papers but your name is on the wanted list

Norfolk, VA |

i looked on the wanted list for a friend of mine only to find my name up there for trespassing. i have not gotten any papers this is from five months ago. i am on probation my probation officer have not said anything to me. what do i do

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I don't understand wherein lies your confusion, the trespassing itself or the issuing of the warrant?

If you have been charged with trespassing and you have never been given notice of you being forbidden to be on that property, that is a defense to the charge.

If you were unaware that a warrant was issued, there is no crime in that. Eventually it will be served on you and you will be taken into custody.

You should speak with a local attorney for advice defenses to the charge and how to go about surrendering on the warrant.

Good luck.

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Hire local counsel and turn yourself in. Just because your probation officer does not know about charges doesn't mean a thing. Perhaps a neighbor or citizen swore out the warrant.

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You need to speak to a criminal law attorney. Sometimes there are delays in serving the warrrant. But if you have been charged with trespass then eventually you are going to have to go to court. An attorney can advise you on how to proceed.