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How do you keep a dog from being taken away in California after it bites someone?

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There is a tenant on the property and she teases the dog daily. One day the gate was open due to moving and the dog heard the tenant. The dog rushed to the tenant and bite her. Now the animal control is trying to take the dog even though the tenant doesn't want to press charges. How do we keep the dog from being put down or taken away?

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Before your dog can be taken animal control or other designated public agency must seek a hearing before the Superior court or administrative board to determine if your dog is potentially a dangerous and vicious animal. You are entitled to receive notice of the hearing and present evidence that your dog was provoked and therefore should not be considered potentially dangerous or vicious.

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You should contact an attorney in CA that handles animal rights law as soon as possible. They may be able to represent you regarding this matter.

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I agree with Mr. Altman. You should contact the animal control and inquire into the basis of their intended action so you can prepare for any hearing,


A local "animal law" attorney can represent you at the hearing.

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