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How do you handle a lying minor witness and what is the chance this gets thrown out of court?

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I am 50 and have never been arrested of in trouble. I am engaged to a woman with drug using children and one is very aggressive and likes to fight. He confronted me at church but went home without a fight. He then confronted me at his mom's house and I told him to go home again only this time he made sure no one was looking and then headbutted me. I went after him and hit him with a small table lamp, breaking the shade and then he ran out the door laughing. He then exposed himself while his mother was standing right there and shouted some obscenity. I got arrested. Lying, his younger brother said that he saw me headbutt his brother.

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The best way to handle a witness like this is by thorough cross examination whether by deposition or trial. If he was on drugs at the time of the event, then that could also be used against him. You don't say whether you are being charged with a felony or misdemeanor but regardless it would still be considered a crime of violence that will follow you forever. If this is being charged as a domestic charge that only amplifies the problem. It's best to sit down with an attorney and explain the details to see the best way to handle the situation. Feel free to contact me as I am in Pinellas county.

Craig Epifanio


The outcome of your case depends upon several variables, many of which are revealed when given the opportunity to review the evidence, including witness statements. If you are charged with a felony, your attorney would likely schedule key witnesses for deposition. This gives the attorney the opportunity to directly confront each witness with questions about the case. Oftentimes, many facts come out in depostion, paving the way for a reasonable resolution of the charge(s) against you. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you may also have several options to resolve the charges against you. As Mr. Epifanio stated, you should consult with an attorney right away if you have not already done so. If you would like a free consultation, please contact our office, which is located in Tarpon Springs on the corner of Pinellas Avenue and Tarpon Avenue. Best of luck to you.