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How do you handle a false positive inter-locking device result?

Snohomish, WA |

My son drove from Marysville to Issaque with clean blows. He step out of his car for a quick purchase went to restart and it indicated my son blew positive. This is he second time it's happened to him. Both times it was within a week prior to removal.

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If it was my case I would retain an expert and get the device calibrated.

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It sounds like the blow and go is malfunctioning. Get an expert to look at the machine and get it calibrated.

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If the positive Interlock blow is going to result in a probation violation or sanction by the court, you may want to retain an expert. There are lots of them out there who can show the vulnerability of the machine. Also, you could have your son polygraphed and submit the results to the prosecutor only if he passes.

If the positive is not resulting in any probation violation, just a headache since he can't start his car, you may want to see about having it replaced with another interlock. Your's might be faulty.

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