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How do you go from business to hobby?

Tacoma, WA |

My husband and I recently started a small music & video business (LLC) but have realized we bit off more than we can chew. We have very little income, the business made only $300 last year and doesn't look like it will make much more this year. All the paperwork and taxes are overwhelming and taking time away from doing what we love. Is there any way we can dissolve the LLC but still do video & music as a hobby on the side and just to make a little money here and there?

Also will we still need a business license with the State?

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Yes, you can do business without the shelter of an LLC. Many people rush to form an LLC when it isn't necessary. Your business probably is a low-risk one that doesn't need liability protection. You should nevertheless buy business liability insurance.
Deductibility of certain business expenses is prohbited if the activity is found to be a hobby. An activity is presumed not to be a hobby if profits result in any 3 of 5 consecutive years ending with the tax year in question. A special election on this is available on Form 5213.
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