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How do you go about removing name from sex offender registry?

Atlanta, GA |

Charged with 3 cts lewd&laci in FL in 2000. sentenced to 1 yr house arrest on count 1 and probation on cts 2 and 3. Counts 2 and 3 were dismissed due to incompetence in 2006, but still required to register. The one remaining count is preventing from filing and i-130 petition for my wife due to the adam walsh act.How do you go about removing name from sex offender registry if case was dismissed? Why does teh one count still remain?

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There are specific provisions under GA law that allow for possible removal from the registry. However, it doesn't happen automatically. You have to petition the Superior Court where you live. It is something you absolutely need an attorney for if you want any chance of succeeding.
Get someone who has done this before - not someone who is going to "wing it".
Please let me know if i can be of assistance. I would be happy to help.
M. Jason Rhoades


Getting off the registry is a fairly new and complicated process. There are too many questions I would need to ask you and too many variables for me to answer your question in this forum. Please call me tomorrow at 404-812-4305 if you would like to discuss your questions in detail.


I have helped several people get released from the registry and would be happy to speak with you about your situation. Call me any time at 404-985-9772.


If you would like to call or come in for a free consultation, I have put together a questionaire that determines whether or not you qualify to petition for removal from the sex offender registry. If you do, you can petition the court in the county of your residence (since you were convicted out of state) for removal from the registry. You must prove that you are not a substantial risk to reoffend. Then it is in the judge's discretion whether to remove you from the registry. Therefore, I always also try to show how the registry has harmed your livelihood, etc. In your instance, the inability to file an i-130 petition is good proof that this is harming you and your wife. Therefore, we will need to determine whether you qualify to petition for removal. Call me if I can be of assistance.

Allen R. (Rusty) Knox
125 TownPark Drive, Suite 300
Kennesaw, GA 30144
(678) 334-1399

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