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How do you go about petitioning Chesterfield Circuit Court in Va for restricted drivers license if you cant afford a lawyer?

Chesterfield, VA |
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Go to DMV and get a "compliance sheet." It sounds like the six-month suspension for your marijuana conviction was tolled (didn't start to run) until you paid off whatever fines and costs were overdue.

If the only remaining suspension is for the marijuana charge you are eligible to receive a restricted license. Start at the local clerk's office. Some will allow you to use a pre-printed form to apply for a restricted license, using that as the petition and docketing it for you (giving you a court date).

If your compliance sheet is more complicated than you expected, or the clerk's office isn't as user-friendly as you like, you should consult with several attorneys in your area and hire the one you prefer most. Best of luck.


NO you can't hire a PD. There are only available by appointment from the court to represent people charged with a crime. For this civil action you will need to handle it on your own or hire an attorney to do it for you. You should be able to contact your local DOL or DMV and give them your license number and ask them specifically "what do I have to do to get a license" The person should be able to give you a list of what to do to get a license, normal or restricted. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.


To get a restricted driver's license, you need to petition the general district court of your local jurisdiction (in this case Chesterfield) for a restricted license for a pre-approved reason (such as work, medical appointments, child pick-ups, etc.). There's a specific form to fill out.

If you have cleared your fines, there is a reinstatement process to undergo with the DMV once your six months court ordered suspension is over.

And no, you cannot hire a public defender. An attorney may be able to help you for a very low cost.