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How do you go about having a house condemned in Hillsborough County?

Tampa, FL |

My 83 year old father in law owns a piece of property on a main highway where he lived for 35+ years.

He no longer lives there (moved 4 years ago to a nicer home 20 miles away) as it was not a safe living environment.

Roof leaks and ceiling is caving-in in spots.
Dry wall collapsing
Electrical wiring is 50 years old and never been updated.
Electrical outlets (majority) don't work.
Water does not run to the toilette
Floor rotted through (house is on blocks)
Lightning strike damage - never been repaired.

He won't sell the property as he thinks he could live there again someday if he had to (he won't have to).

How do we go about having this condemned?

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Contact the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Office. (813) 274-6600

You can file a complaint online here:

I would call them to see what is the best way to go.

Good luck!

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