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How do you get someone out of jail and into REHAB that has already been sentenced to 14 years. This is in FOREST MS SCOTT COUNTY

Forest, MS |

He is a convicted felon an got caught with a gun which wasn't his . The gun was his sisters her house had burnt down over the weekend and they were gone camping we called to see if we could store stuff in there house until we could find a storage place . He said yes an us not thinking about him being a convicted felon put a gun in the house an the same day they got home the police came out there and found it . They arrested him an his wife and harassed them very badly as in making his wife call one of the police officers wife an made her tell her how sorry she was an talked about there dead parents an left bruises on there arms by putting the cuffs on to tight . I want to know how to take legal action for that an wrongfully convicting someone

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You certainly can attempt to appeal this matter. To be blunt an appeal of a conviction is VERY difficult.