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How do you find out which bank a deceased relative has an account and how do you get the money if they did not leave a will?

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There is a non blood relative holding the paper work and will not turn it over or give any information. They are in the process of getting paperwork through the court system claiming guardianship over the accounts. I don't know which bank or how many the relative has money in. I've already forwarded the deceased mail. This is the only step that has been taken. I, along with 2 other people, one disabled are beneficiary on the deceased insurance policy. The non blood relative has a copy of the policy and will not even forward that to me or the other relative on the policy. How would I get a copy of the policy?

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Talk to a probate attorney. They can tell you the easiest way to get the information.

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You will probably need to file an estate and get Letters Testamentary so you can get the account information from the banks and any other institution. Also, a good place to start is the IRS Office. you can request a transcript from them and see where all of his accounts and income is.

You can request the court to order a the person to provide an accounting of the assets of the deceased.