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How do you find out that your case is sealed?

Auburn Hills, MI |

my friend was charged with felonies as a minor but he requested it to be sealed how do you go about it seeing it it got sealed

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Your friend should just call or visit the court to find out. Or you, or an attorney, can call the court and ask about the case. If the clerk refuses to answer your inquiry based on the matter being sealed or simply answers in the negative, then you know. Also some courts have on-line searches available, sometimes for a small fee. You can try that as well.


Your friend can a copy of the court docket sheet. Also, your friend can contact the attorney who represented him to check it out.

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.


As suggested by the others, contact your attorney to assist you. If this isn't an option, then you can contact the court for your docket information. Please note, however, that being sealed and "taken under advisement and dismissed" are 2 different resolutions. Therefore, once you get your case docket, then you may need to see an attorney to assist you with dissecting the information. Good luck.

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