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How do you file a motion? or apply for early release? we have written the judge and now they say he never got it... Now what do?

Lima, OH |

my friend has done 2 years on a 2 1/2 yr sentence ran together from the commiting county and the county which he was on probation ( for felony dui case)(s) he was granted early release on september 2nd in franklin co. CO. ohio... in which he had public defender to represent him and who initaitially filed for him there. Now i am having so much trouble finding someone to help me file a motion for early release so he can get released from his probation violation in Lima, oh. He has tons of awards for good behavior stuff and started fitness classes at his home prison so we know he will get it... it is just how do i start the process? He had an attorney here and he owes him too much money to have him file... but i was told he is the only one who can file for him! im sooo frustrated. He has no

family. i am it. im a single mother i workin the cosmetic industry. He was a talented boxer and could be again. Hes ready for a second shot... DO you think if i offered a few hundred to the original attorney here to get him to file a early release motion for us ? How long will this take?

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If he qualifies for the assistance of the public defender, they can file the paperwork for him. Otherwise, contact the lawyer and ask what will be needed to get that lawyer to continue the representation. The last alternative, is for him to file the paperwork using one of the paralegals in the facility to help him format the paperwork. Good luck.

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