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How do you determine community property if I bought the items with money I acquired before marriage.

Kent, WA |

I had $25,000 before marriage.

I bought all our home furnishings with that money using my separate bank account within months of our marriage. Which I have the bank statements to prove.

Is this considered community property or do I have the right to all items I purchased with money I made before our marriage?

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If the divorcing spouses agree to a division of assets and debts after full disclosure, the court likely would not intervene.

If the spouses cannot agree with each other on how to divide things, the court will divide all assets and debts, whether community or separate, in a just and equitable manner. What is just and equitable depends on the specific facts of the marriage.

Factors include how long the marriage, the earning potential of each spouse, any agreement the spouses may have with each other, and many other factors.

Without knowing much more information about your case, no one can hazard any reliable guess as to what would happen in your specific case. For this reason, you should review your specific facts with your attorney to see what your legal options are.