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How do you deal with a male boss constanty touching his private parts in front of you. It is disconcerting, and constant. HELP

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My friend is an Administrative Assistant locally and is in an office adjacent to her male bosses. He constantly comes out of his office into hers, adjusting, rearranging, twitching, tweaking and pulling on his PRIVATE PARTS. This MAY be unconscious action on his part, BUT IS HORRIFYINGLY disconcerting, embarrassing, and aggravating to her. She does not want to risk her job, but cannot continue to work in these circumstances. Who should she turn to in her Personnel office, How can she possibly handle this situation without retribution from her boss, and HOW CAN THIS MAN BE MADE AWARE THAT HIS UNCONSCIOUS ACTIONS ARE UNACCEPTABLE. What should she do next? This is a delicate, BUT VERY SERIOUS ISSUE.

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Not, however, an unknown issue. Google the Detroit School Board on similar facts. You may want suggest that your friend consult first with an employment law attorney. After consultation, most likely the recommendation will be a report to HR. Protection under the whistle-blower statute. It is not your job to educate this social misfit - that is HR's job. Certainly, inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Or, pretty much anywhere in public. But, an attorney can counsel as to possible outcomes.

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Sir, I thank you for your time, honesty, and suggestion. I will let her know.

Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson


Best of luck to her. Who knows, it could be unconscious, but then that's why we have conscious brains. They fire the head of the school board. Workplace rights include many protections.


She should look at her employer's personnel manual which should have a policy on sexual harassment and follow the instructions on how to report sexual harassment. If there is no sexual harassment policy or no manual, she needs to report this activity to the personnel department - preferably in a dated writing so there is documentary evidence - she should also keep a copy. Once the employer is on notice, they are required under the law to conduct an investigation. She is protected under both federal and Florida law so if she suffers any retaliation because she reported this she should see an attorney.

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The point is that this conduct, although not overt sexual advances, makes her uncomfortable in the work place, and that under these facts, as I understand them, does amount to sexual harassment. She does not have to deal with it at all, and should consult a local labor attorney immediately.

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